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In this section you will find some of our outreach materials, such as our info-graphics and videos.


ACHILLES, led by Prof Stephanie Glendinning, strongly supports women in science and engineering. In this video Stephanie and her colleagues talk about what has inspired them and why they think it is important that women are properly represented in STEM subjects.

ACHILLES – an introduction to our research

The video below provides an introduction to our research. Dr Fleur Loveridge, Prof Neil Dixon, Dr Alex Svalova, Dr Sofia Dias, Dr Ross Stirling and Prof Jon Chambers explain some of the key aspects of our research. They focus on how our work provides decision support, why we investigate the whole issues across a range of scales from single particles to whole transport networks, why it is important that we get the computer models to work properly and then use statistical models to run things more efficiently, what we do in our labs and on our test sites.

The ACHILLES infographic

We tried to capture the essence of what we are doing in one poster. There is a lot to read, but we hope it conveys the research message. We are working on more detailed, academic posters that will be available on this page soon.