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The ACHILLES team has a long history of working together and we know each other very well. We are quite spread out with locations, from north to south, in Newcastle, Durham, Leeds, Keyworth, Loughborough, Bath and Southampton. As a consequence we have developed effective approaches to meeting up through the web, but our regular team meetings are great events, both scientifically and socially.

The photo below shows quite a few of us at our launch even in Loughborough in the summer of 2018.

From top to bottom and from left to right: ‌ (back row) Peter Helm, Paul Hughes, Tom Dijkstra, Jimmy Boyd, Kate Dobson, William Powrie, John Preston, Stefano Utili, Harry Postill, Ali Smith. (front row) Chris Kilsby, Ross Stirling, David Gunn, David Toll, Mo Rouainia, Stephanie Glendinning, Darren Wilkinson, Neil Dixon, Jon Chambers, Joel Smethurst

Only a little later, at a meeting in Bristol in the summer of 2019, the team is already considerably larger, but still there is a surplus of blue shirts, it seems. Including the PhD students working on ACHILLES, the team has now more than 30 people involved.

From left to right: Arnaud, Paul, Victoria, Kevin, Sofia, Joel, Stephanie, Ashraf, Pete, Stefano, David, Anthony, Darren, David, Mo, John, Kate, Neil, Letisha, William, Yuze, Richard (photo by Tom..)

Unfortunately, it is harder now to get a photo of the whole team. Fortunately, MS-Teams works wonders and we still manage to meet up frequently, albeit on-line.

The people working on the ACHILLES Programme Grant are listed below, including a rough indication of the research topics they are addressing.

Newcastle University

Prof Stephanie GlendinningACHILLES PI
Prof Darren WilkinsonResearch Challenge 3 lead
Dr Richard CourtACHILLES Programme manager
Prof Chris Kilsby – climate change context
Prof Stefano Utili – soil modelling
Dr Peter Helm – asset deterioration modelling
Dr Ross Stirling – soil cracking and lysimeters
Dr Mo Rouainia – development of constitutive model
Dr Lluis Montforte-Vila – development of constitutive model
Dr Alex Svalova – statistical emulator development
Dr Anil Yildiz – soil vegetation interactions
Dr Zelong Yu – BIONICS
Dr Dennis Prangle – statistical modelling

Loughborough University

Prof Neil DixonResearch Challenge 2 lead
Dr Tom DijkstraAcademic Programme Manager
Dr Ashraf El-Hamalawi – constitutive models, asset deterioration modelling
Dr Alister Smith – soil acoustics and deterioration monitoring
Dr Amr Morsy – asset deterioration modelling

Durham University

Prof David TollResearch Challenge 1 lead
Dr Paul Hughes – geotechnical testing
Dr Sofia Dias – geotechnical testing

University of Southampton

Prof William PowrieAdvisor to PI
Prof John Preston – economic modelling and WLC assessments
Dr Joel Smethurst – engineered asset monitoring and deterioration
Dr Anthony Blake – engineered asset; field-scale testing
Dr John Armstrong – economic modelling and WLC assessments

University of Bath

Dr Kevin BriggsECA representative on PMT
Dr Letisha Blackmore – mindmapping, geotechnical engineering

University of Leeds

Dr Fleur Loveridge – engineered asset management
Dr Wengui Huang – slope stability; uncertainty and heterogeneity

British Geological Survey

Dr Jon Chambers – geophysics and asset condition assessment
Dr David Gunn – geophysics and asset condition assessment
Dr Arnaud Watlet – geophysics and asset condition assessment
Mr Jim Whiteley – geophysics and asset condition assessment