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The ACHILLES Team has published extensively. Please see the full list of our academic outputs under the ‘Publications’ tab. But we recognise that there is demand for more accessible narratives that describe what we have achieved. Therefore we have created a series of seven Reading Guides. These aim to provide ready access to our main findings and outcomes.

A succinct overview of the Reading Guides was introduced in Ground Engineering in March 2024 as a technical note.

The seven Reading Guides are shown below. Please click on each of the links to gain access to a pdf version of the relevant Guide. As our academic outputs continue to be developed we will occasionally update these pdf’s.

The ACHILLES Reading Guides

1. The ACHILLES concept

2. A deeper understanding of deterioration of engineered soils

3. Asset scale deterioration

4. Asset condition assessment

5. Design considerations for clay earthworks

6. The role of data analytics in decision-making

7. Intervention strategies and business case